D a n i a l   M a r c u s   N a s h  -  A r c h i t e c t u r a l   P h o t o g r a p h e r

Educated through University of Technology, Sydney in multi-discipline design processes and applications
Credited photographer graduating from Sydney Institute of Technology, Ultimo Campus with Distinction

 " d r a w   w i t h   l i g h t "

Danial Nash Photography (DNP) provides photography to the Architectural, Design, Construction and Real Estate industries. The key benefits for my clients are my ability to create visual solutions to their problems from thorough design understanding.

My process is holistic. I know the value that good design brings to an architectural project and would settle for no less in my photographic productions. It is my goal to provide clean usable images, taken with a comprehensive understanding of the given project.

I provide photographic assignments on several levels:

- Building Portraiture

- Designer / Structure relationship

- Documentation

- Prosperity and Promotion

I give a unique professional view. It is a fresh perspective developed through in-depth analysis of the origins of architectural photography, ongoing involvement within the actual architectural industry and identification of current and emerging trends of both.

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